View Full Version : Airplay Mirroring no longer working?

Mar 31, 2012, 01:30 PM
I have been able to successfully airplay mirror from my iPad running iOS 5.1 to both my Apple TV 2 in the living room and my 1080p Apple TV in the bedroom. However, today while watching a video being mirrored to my TV, everything went dark. The video disappeared, yet the audio continued. Now, when I try to Airplay mirror, only the audio works and the video is broken. The Apple TV will eventually show a "frozen" screen of the iPad's home screen but it is not moving or functioning.

I have restarted everything, including my Airport Extreme, but nothing is working. Airplay from YouTube and Safari all work fine, this is just a mirroring issue.

This is occurring on both Apple TV's, making me think it's a network problem. I've tried to diagnose my AirPort Extreme and Express settings to see if something needed to be fixed but have found nothing.

Any ideas?