View Full Version : Good reader vs I annotate vs pdfexpert for dropbox and pages

Apr 11, 2012, 05:52 PM
Hey I'm a medical student with most of my notes in .pages format.

I'm looking for an app which can:

Access my Dropbox, view the files in the dropbox (long file names something the Dropbox app does not offer)
Open and read my pages files, preferably highlight them but I presume this is not possible
Annotate my 200mb PDF files whilst browsing them more smoothly than iBooks.
View the odd PowerPoint presentation

I currently have good reader and iannoate in mind with pdfexpert,

I've heard bad things recent.y about goodreader on the iPad 3 is this so? I am on a new iPad so any help please!

I have my Dropbox accessible via WebDAV btw for export via pages if required.