View Full Version : NSPopUpButton binding

Richard Birkett
Apr 18, 2012, 05:20 PM
Hello, I have an NSPopUpButton, an NSMutableArray of custom objects in my app delegate, and an array controller for it. I have a problem where adding an object to the array, either directly with addObject: or using the same on the controller WILL NOT CHANGE THE MENU. The object is added to the array ok, but it doesn't update. Here are my bindings:

Content Array -> App Delegate.constantArray

Content -> controller.arrangedObjects
Content values -> controller.arrangedObjects.listString
Selected object -> App Delegate.selectedConstant

The custom object is MMConstantFactor which declares a string method 'listString'. The app delegate has an NSMutableArray constantArray and MMConstantFactor selectedConstant.

Any help is massively appreciated, I'm in a rush! :)