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May 12, 2012, 01:21 PM

I am having a trouble finding a solution for my media center. Currently I have my TV connected to my PC via HDMI and use XBMC. What I would like to do is seperate the tv from the computer and get something to stream from the machine instead.

What I am thinking about now is:

:apple:TV connected to the tv via hdmi.
:apple:TV connected (via cat5 cable) to a splitter that goes into my pc (pc: pc -> splitter -> non wifi internet box).
:apple:TV fetches XBMC metadata using wifi from a router (which the computer is not connected to)

So, the issue with a more simple setup is that the computer is not using the router for internet, it is directly connected to the fiber box.

Can the apple tv be connected to the pc with a cable and on wifi to get metadata at the same time?

Any other ideas on how I could set this up easier?

Hope this is understandable

May 12, 2012, 10:51 PM
I'm pretty sure what your describing won't work. The Apple TV will only connect to a single network at a time. You can connect over wi-fi to the internet, but it will not see anything on your PC until the PC is on the same network. You could also use a hub/switch like you said and connect the PC and Apple TV, but you will not have access to the iTunes store and the majority of the functions on the Apple TV. You should get both the Apple TV and your PC on the same network. Does your router have any available Ethernet ports? If so I would hook the router to the switch and then hook your PC up to the switch.

May 13, 2012, 05:27 AM
Yes it does, but I get terrible speeds and its less stable. I would have to get a new router for this then.

Is there any other media streaming device that would set up my library as good as XBMC?

May 14, 2012, 08:48 AM
So your goal is to get streaming media to your TV, using Apple TV without going through your router because it cannot handle the load/to slow?

In this case, your best and easiest solution would be to simply buy a newer, better router that is built to handle the bandwidth of streaming media through your home network.