View Full Version : 9500 for sale

Nov 1, 2002, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone, I have a 9500, excellent condition that I need to get out of my house. It can come one of a few differeent ways...

Original 200 MHz 604(?) PPC Processor
320 MB Ram
9.1 gig 10,000 RPM HD
2 MB original video card
3 port firwire PCI card
Floppy Drive
ethernet ports 1 old version and 1 regular modern port (both built-in)
keyboard, joystick, mouse, flat panel speakers with subwoofer


450mhz G4 XLR8 processor
32 MB ATI Radeon 7000
everything else the same.

I also have an apple multiple scan 17" monitor that could be included if you wanted to pay shipping. I can add a 12x10x32x que firewire burner for the right price. It has OS 9.1 on it now and can be upgraded to 10.2 with some fiddling. The upgraded version plays warcraft III well, I beat it and it wasn't tedious or slow at all. I can even play on battlenet no prob. Don't forget that you can also buy the 800MHz upgrades for these guys now. Make a reasonable offer and I'll consider it. I have pretty good ebay feedback at maelstromr if you want to check references. Pictures on request, they're too big to post here. Any shipping, buyer pays costs. Thanks!


Nov 6, 2002, 08:34 AM
nobody interested at all? I can combine it any way you would like...

just make a fair offer.