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May 21, 2012, 12:10 PM

I want to show my app - Solitaire GEO

The propose of this app is learn by playing. Each group of suit represents one country and each card number (or word) of this suit bring us a different information about this country. Get access to information on politics, culture, and much more about four countries: Brazil, USA, Japan and South Africa.

Solitaire Geo Free Link:

Full version includes over 180 countries and in addiction you will be able to use save/load feature.

Solitaire Geo Full Link:

I'm new on MacRumors. And this is my first iPad app. If anyone want to help me with some ideas, corrections(English grammar, bugs) or layout, I will be happy to read every comment and reply any questions about. In a short future I will post some promo codes (in correct forum area) of full version. But I need first some feed back about free version.

I wish you enjoy it, thanks in advance.
And sorry about some English grammar mistake.