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May 29, 2012, 04:13 AM
Hi, I have a question. I have a Mexican iTunes store account, with with very little money on it (from gift cards). I was given some American iTunes store gift cards in christmas. Now what I want to do is liquidate or completely use up my money in the Mexican account (say by buying a movie, like Jurassic Park), then change my account's country to the US so I can use my american gift cards buying more apps/movies etc...

My question is: if I have an Apple TV, will I be able to see Jurassic Park, which I purchased when my account was mexican, on it? (Keep in mind, Jurassic Park is sold by itself here in Mexico, in the American iTunes store, they sell it in a bundle of the three movies)

Basically, can I still see/download content I have purchased even though it is exclusive to another country's store?

Also another quick question: if I purchase a movie in my Apple TV, do I HAVE to download it on my computer, even if I don't want it there? Will it start downloading automatically or something?



I should probably be asking this in the Apple TV board huh? Sorry, how can I delete this??