View Full Version : Major frustration (and so far waste of $60) with CF upgrade on 4th gen

Jun 2, 2012, 12:45 AM
My 4th gen started to freeze up and my experience with these made me think the hard drive was starting to go, so I decided it was time to try the Compact Flash upgrade. Would love to get all this crap off my coffee table but this saga is dragging on a good month now . . .
Using this card:
And this adapter:

I get it together, do the reset (toggle hold button, hold select and menu) and if connected to mac I get Apple and then do not connect for a while, if not connected just Apple, but either way I get the sad iPod with Apple support URL.
I initially suspected the adapter, got them to send me another . . . then suspected the card. My only reader is in a Canon AIO printer-- can see it fine in system info, get info, Disk Utility, can verify it in Disk Utility, see that it's FAT-32 formatted, but it shows as read only, and all formatting options are grayed out. I contacted Transcend tech support and their first response was that it was probably a defective card as it should format right up in Disk Utility, so I RMA'd it and got my exchange today. Exactly same as previous-- read only, can't be formatted or modified.
Reviews on Amazon can be found from others who had success with this adapter and this card and this gen of iPod-- so what's going on here?
BTW when I put the HDD back in it works . . . something of an advantage here having a stock HDD on hand that's not completely dead, but only a minor help in terms of frustration. Any help, or clarifying questions appreciated (there is amazingly little discussion of this to be found on the web.)