View Full Version : Powerbook wireless prob

Jul 16, 2005, 07:14 PM

When I bought my powerbook and a airport express I could use my PB pretty much anywhere in the house with good speeds.

Now I can't go more than a few metres from the access point without the signal completely dropping out.

I don't know what event triggered this, as it seemed to happen around the same time that ;

a) i sent the laptop to apple to get logic board (2nd ram stick) replaced
b) Upgrade to 10.4

I've found that if I go into a room less than 5 metres away, the signal completely dissapears. However if I kind of lift the laptop and hold it high so that the base of the laptop recieves better coverage (as opposed to being rested on my lap) it does get a signal, albeit not very strong.

Could anyone give me some insight on this, not having wireless working with a laptop is a real pain :(

I'd send it to apple to ask them to check it but I depend on this laptop a fair bit and the 2 times during this laptops life that it's had to go back, I haven't gotten it back for 3 weeks each time which really kills you.

I have opened the battery cover and checked that the antenna looks ok, though i don't know how it was before! but it does look ok