View Full Version : FS: Airport Card, Broken LCDS and Battery Guts

Jul 18, 2005, 12:21 AM
Well, I have yet another posrt with a bunch of stuff you all may be interested in before I go ahead and Ebay it.

1.) Airport card: Working, 1.5 years old, taken from my TiBook that I'm trying to sell seperately. Asking $85 SHIPPED.

2.) TiBook Screen, cracked. The case is scratched but is in structurally sound. Repaint to use in whatever project you may have in mind. Asking $55, shipped

3.) KCS Rad-5 15" VGA LCD monitor. The power supply died and I don't want to get a new one. The monitor was working, but with the death of the PS I can't make any guarantees. Asking $60, shipped.

4.) I took the insides out of a dead TiBook battery so that I could keep the casing for decorative purposes. The insides look weird, like giant green AA batteries, so this thing is yours for shipping costs alone: $9.

E-Mail or PM offers!