View Full Version : Really Easy Ways For Apple To Improve iOS 6

Jun 12, 2012, 02:08 AM
So lots of people complaining about how iOS 6 was "lackluster". I kinda agree, but honestly wasn't to surprised. I have an iPhone 4 and iPad 1 so already many features won't apply for me. Looking back at iOS 6 though, I think its just ok. Really good if you have an iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd gen.

The only complaints I have are really 2 apps from the top 10 list. I think if Apple added a couple features in those iOS6 would be much better (they're highlighted in blue).

Top 10 Features For iOS 6
1. Maps
2. Siri
3. Facebook
4. Shared Photo Streams
5. Passbook
6. FaceTime
7. Phone
8. Mail
9. Safari
10. Accessibility


●FaceTime over cellular
●Group chat (iPad)
●Up to 5 people can chat together
●3G for iPad 2 and 4G for iPad 3rd gen

●iCloud Tabs
●Full-screen landscape (iPhone)
●Offline reading list
●Smart app banners
●Smart search field (like Mountain Lion)
●Top Sites (like Safari on Mac)
●Swipe down to refresh (like Mail)

Then instead of posting how Find My iPhone, Find My Friend, and iTunes, App Store, and iBooks got updated they could have added these three instead.

●Game Groups
●Game Store
●Online & offline friendlist
●iMessage integration
●Inbox for messages, invites, friend requests

●New UI and faster
●Access account & Inbox
●Option to like & dislike videos
●SD and HD option
●New Share Sheet (like Facebook)

Notification Center
●Do Not Disturb
●More widgets (like Weather, Stock, Twitter, Facebook)
●Swipe to delete
●Clear all button
●Collapsable categories
●iCloud syncs notifications and badges