View Full Version : Anyway to turn off Arrows?

Jul 20, 2005, 02:21 PM
I'd love to have the iTMS enabled so I can listen to my first Podcast, and listen to the daily tune recommendations.

However, I cant stand those little arrows after track name, album name, artist name when you switch on iTMS, so is there anyway to get rid of them?

... yes i know its stupid, but you wouldnt believe how much they p*ss me off.

Jul 20, 2005, 02:43 PM
click on prefrences
then pick general in the top menu bar
find show links to music store and untick

and there you go

Jul 20, 2005, 02:53 PM
Hot damn :)

I knew there must be a way, shame on me for not looking hard enough, but thanks for the prompt reply... looks like I can finally investigate the Podcast phenomenon!