View Full Version : FS/FT: 15" KoolSink laptop stand/cooling pad

Jul 20, 2005, 05:44 PM
i have a 15" KoolSink for sale or trade.
i'd like to trade this for a 12" KoolSink or sell it so i can buy a 12" KoolSink.

In the USA, these 15" models sell for $57 after shipping and handling.
i would sell it for $45 shipped (US Only, USPS Priority Mail).

its in good condition. a couple nicks on the edges (it was travelled with).

its amazing how well it works for keeping my 12" powerbook cool.
you would think an aluminum stand wouldn't keep an aluminum powerbook much cooler but since i started using it my powerbook never gets half as hot as it used to.

there's a bunch of info on the science of how it works at:

and there you can also find pictures.
it fits a 15" G4 Powerbook or most any other 15" widescreen laptop perfectly (HP, Sony, Dell, etc.) And the aluminum finish matches that of the G4 Aluminum Powerbooks perfectly. Its lightweight, and the rubber feet on the bottom keep it staying in place.

i have perfect ebay feedback under the ebay seller name 'subterror'

Jul 22, 2005, 08:17 PM
i'll take $40 shipped now...

please don't make me put this on feeBay :)