View Full Version : HTC wins patent case vs Apple. Judge: Swipe-to-unlock (also galaxy ban) is obvious

Jul 5, 2012, 04:26 AM

HTC is claiming victory in a patent dispute with Apple after a ruling by the High Court in London.

The judge ruled that HTC had not infringed four technologies that Apple had claimed as its own.

He said Apple's slide-to-unlock feature was an "obvious" development in the light of a similar function on an earlier Swedish handset.

Apple has also cited the patent in disputes against firms using Google's Android system software.

Finally, Apple's patent troll behavior is stopped. The patents are ridiculous:

> Unlocking a device with a gesture
> A mobile phone keyboard that supports multiple languages
> A system to determine the difference between single touches and multiple touches
> Letting a user drag an image beyond its limits and then showing it bounce back into place