View Full Version : Making a package of all the application

Jul 8, 2012, 12:31 PM

I am not sure whether I should post this thread here.

I am writing as I have a problem in making a compact application using several python scripts, some jar files and some other open source applications (Makehuman, Sweethome3D, Blender).

I have my main script which is written in python 2.7. I have connected all the scripts together and filled them in a very organized way. Every script/ jar/ OS application is connected with each other with relevant paths. If I open my main script with the Pyton IDLE 2.7 and run it it runs correctly.

I have searched through out the internet to find a solution for my inquiry, however I was not able to find one that could really solve my problem. I have tried py2app (as I am running it on macintosh) but I canít find a way to merge all the scripts / jars/ OS applications using this module.

I have also tried to make my application using the Eclipse console, but I got lost... I have import my project in a new Py project I have created inside the console, but it doesnít seem to recognize the relative paths? Should I make any changes in the paths? Furthermore, I would like to note that I am importing all my subfolders (scripts / jars/ OS applications) in the src of the project i have created...

I would be grateful if someone could offer his help and knowledge!

Cheers, Mitsaki