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Jul 8, 2012, 03:49 PM
He guys I hope there are some answers to my questions.
So I finally managed to get sharing working the way I want it to, have my folders setup and I can access them by the Guest option(i don't have a password setup for my user account so it won't let me log in, thats why the guest option).

Now there are 2 things nagging on my skin.
1. Can I enable a password on the shared folders? Why? Because some of my folders have private files in them that I don't want to be accessible to just anyone. Since I have friends coming over with laptops and smartphones all the time I just want some files/folders to only be entered by a passcode. Or does this require me to activate my windows account with a password? I would like to dodge this bullet since I enjoy putting on the pc, walk away and come back with a ready to use desktop instead of putting on the pc, wait for dialog to type password, walk away, ready desktop.

2. How do I make my MBP visible on my Windows pc? I mean there must be a way to have the process work vice versa right? Even in my Network my MBP isn't visible. Or does this also require a specific file/folder sharing ability? File sharing is already on in my system preferences.

All the help is appreciated.
FYI I run a Windows 7 Ultimate pc.