View Full Version : M-Audio Revolution 5.1 PCI Audio Card or Digital Speakers

Jul 27, 2005, 04:24 AM
Hi all,
Recently bought a Dual 2.0 Power Mac and am very happy with it except for the speakers buzz interference and ticking noise.

The question I am asking is would the "M-Audio Revolution 5.1 PCI Audio Card" fix the problem or would a set of speakers with digital input clear the problem instead.

Does the digital output bypass the sound interference? If so, then can anyone recommend a good set of 2.1 digital speakers that are available in the UK?

Thanks for any help. At the moment Iím just using the internal speaker as itís driving me nuts using the speakers at the moment.


Jul 29, 2005, 11:22 AM
same here. not the interference but i really want to utilize the digital audio out that the G5 PowerMacs come with, but have no clue where to start.

I mean i know i can get a Receiver and connect the Digital Audio to that but i really don't want another piece of electronics on my work area.

Do Digital Speakers really exist? Is there a "mini" receiver that can be connected to the digital out? This looks and sounds like something Griffin Technology would produce.

Any advice is much appreciated.