View Full Version : FS (Feeler): Sony Clie TH55 PDA

Jul 27, 2005, 03:08 PM
I'm thinking of selling my beautiful TH55 PDA. This is IMO still the best PDA on the market with Palm OS 5, WiFi, hi-res+ screen and awesome Clie Organizer software.

This thing is what the Newton was supposed to be...

I'm not sure how it works with a Mac, I use it on Windows at work. You may need the MissingSync app to fully sync data.

Only issue is a small bend in the top left of the metal frame. This is purely cosmetic and its not that bad. Selling because I've changed jobs and will be getting a blackberry.

Cable, box, CD and manual are included. Also available is a 512mb Memory Stick Pro.

I'm looking for $280 + shipping from 07006. Only trades I'd be interested in are for a prosumer MiniDV camcorder, where I'd throw in cash of course.