View Full Version : No video on HDTV with Mac mini plugged in via an HDMI splitter

Jul 14, 2012, 12:11 PM
Please forgive me if this issue has been discussed/ resolved in another thread, I have searched around for an answer before posting this but couldn't seem to find my exact scenario already posted.

I have an older Mitsubishi TV with only 1 hdmi port - to which i have connected to an HDMI Splitter (which is also new - 1 output, and 3 in). I have a blu ray player in one slot and my cable box in another and both work perfectly fine. I recently purchased a Mac Mini (newest version) and plugged it into the 3rd HDMI slot on my splitter only to discover that I have no video. The sound works as it have it hooked up to a pair of speakers through a headphone jack cable.

When i tried plugging the Mac mini directly into the TV's HDMI port, it worked fine, but once again I cannot seem to get video when it is plugged into the splitter.

Has anyone experienced this or know of a solution so that I can get video from the mac via the splitter? Thank you in advance for any and all help!