View Full Version : Right-clicking search box maximizes window?

Jul 15, 2012, 06:32 AM
Hi folks, I'm stumped here and looking for a bit of help. I've been playing with making an old Kensington Trackball work as I'd like with Lion. Somehow in this process of trying different apps I've managed to setup Lion that when I right click (or any other mouse button besides left-click) in the Search box or the Maximize/Optimize green button, it maximizes the window.

Needless to say this is getting annoying. I've uninstalled every 3rd party app I had tried, and trashed every plist I could think of as remotely relevant in ~/Library/Preferences/ to no avail. I made a new user to test with and it doesn't happen on that one. Any ideas to resolve this annoying issue?

Edit: Forgot to mention it happens in Finder, Safari, iCal, etc. So it looks like its a global issue instead of app specific.