View Full Version : ipod to taser

Jul 28, 2005, 04:02 PM
i have a dead 3g ipod the battery is fine just has a dead hard drive, i was wonding if naybody knows how to turn one of these into a taser? I know u can do this with a disposable camera by soldering two wires to the compasitor, i dont know if ipods have a compasitor?, i just really dont want to buy a new hard drive and i want to have some thing that will still be cool.

Jul 28, 2005, 04:58 PM
If I were going to do it I would simply use the case and build the guts of the taser from scratch. It would still look like an iPod but pack a different sort of punch. BUT, I'm not going to do it and if you don't know how to do the circuits you really shouldn't be messing with this - you could get hurt or hurt someone else.

Remember: Volts kick, current kills. Don't play with electricity unless you know what you're doing and are willing to take the consequences.