View Full Version : How to get live TV working on a 1st Generation AppleTV?

Jul 16, 2012, 02:13 PM
I've seen many forum posts and threads about watching TV shows on the AppleTV. Though many of these posts are about AppleTV2, I assume that there's something as simple as a XBMC plugin that would work with my ATV1. I'd love to watch Pawn Stars and Swamp People on my ATV. :cool:

I've tried using the LiveTV plugin in XBMC on my machine, and I can see channels like History, CBS, etc. but any time I actually click an object to start streaming I either get nothing, or my ATV1 reboots. Am I doing something wrong here?

My AppleTV is running 3.0.0 I believe, I can verify this when I get home to be certain.