View Full Version : Lacie USB3.0 driver = com.apple.driver.Lacie_RemoteComms?

Jul 21, 2012, 05:19 AM
OS generated a crash report today, and in that, I noticed a line referring to "kext com.apple.driver.Lacie_RemoteComms".

Not sure exactly what this is, but I suspect it's the Lacie USB3.0 driver that was installed earlier when using Lacie USB3.0 external drives under Lion. But now that ML has native USB 3.0 support, I no longer need the Lacie drivers.

I already uninstalled the Lacie USB3.0 driver using its own uninstaller, but how come the above kext still remains? Is it really referring to the USB3.0 driver? I can't find anything via google. Is it safe to delete without causing major troubles to the OS?