View Full Version : [phones] Who remembers the Mac vs PC ads? [remind me of anroid vs ios]

Jul 21, 2012, 09:08 PM
Doesn't the Mac (cool guy) vs PC (mundane man) ads just remind you of iOS vs Android?

I remember they would advertise OSX as fun, cool, laid back, sleek, modern, media wise etc. and windows as boring, office work,mundane, dull and lifeless.

Doesn't it seem that iOS can be described using the windows description and Android the OSX description?

I remember some selling points of OSX:
-iLife; comes bundled with all you need for free
-universal: works with other devices
-fun stuff: movies, music etc.

it looks like android is becoming that and iOS needs that creativity, funky look that is in OSX.

I'm eagerly awaiting the IP5 but can't help but hope that apple will again become what they use to be.