View Full Version : Brush stroke wont change in illustrator

Jul 22, 2012, 06:45 PM
Please bear with me. I am working my way through an illustrator course. One of the "assignments" is to draw something with the paint brush tool, then change the stroke from the basic stroke to chalk (or calligraphy, etc). So I draw my shape, click on it with the black arrow, go to my stroke box and click on "chalk". Nothing happens. You can see the thumbnail version of my document change from basic lines to chalk lines on the Layers panel. But not on the actual document. I am so confused.

If I click on a brush stroke style before I draw. Then actually draw it, it shows up as that style (chalk for instance) but then as soon as I'm done drawing it switches back to the basic thin stroke line. Although the thumbnail version in layers is showing it as a chalk stroke.

I'm probably doing something extremely stupid. So I am very sorry for my newbishness. Any ideas?

Jul 24, 2012, 02:01 PM
this is really a question for your instructor-- if you sent him/her a screenshot they could immediately tell you what the issue is.

it could be that you're viewing in Outline mode (choose VIEW > Preview).

it could be that the weight of your stroke is extremely thin (increase it on the Stroke panel)

it could be a glitch fixed by restarting Illustrator.