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Jul 27, 2012, 12:37 PM
Anyone using SpiderOak in ML, especially to sync files between computers. I have my iMac and MBA set up to sync. Works fantastically in Lion, but I'm reluctant to move to ML until I get some confirmation of compatibility.

RoaringApps indicates there might be some issues, but the version of SO they reference is pretty far behind mine (4.0.xxxx vs. 4.6.xxxx). Any feedback would be appreciated.

I do have an email into SO, but no response yet.

UPDATE: Just got a response (fairly quickly) from SpiderOak:

We do indeed support Mountain Lion with our newest version, 9948. I would recommend that when you reinstall SpiderOak, you select 'Add A Device'. Anytime you make changes to an operating system, it is best to reinstall as a 'new' device even if you believe the directory structure is the same.

Looks like I'm all systems go for my ML installs.