View Full Version : Can't find some music by artist with AppleTV

Jul 29, 2012, 12:29 AM
I've run into an unusual problem that I am so far unable to solve. Here's the setup:

I'm using the 'Remote' APP on my iPad to connect to my iMAC computer iTunes collection and stream music to my Apple TV.

So, for certain songs, I am searching by ARTIST and it says for example I have 1 album and 11 songs by that artist. However, when I click on the name of the artist to see the songs I have by the artist, it brings up no songs and tells me 'No Songs - You can Download Songs Using iTunes'.

However, when I instead search by SONG and search specifically for those 11 songs, I am able to find them and play them.

What gives? Any ideas? Obviously they're there and searching by artist even counts them but can't find them when I click on the name of the artist.