View Full Version : Resume From Screensaver

Aug 1, 2012, 09:12 PM
Sor far ML has been a champ for me except for two issues one of which is probably my fault.

1) Garageband was having an issue with a large file. I don't know what it's limits are but it seemed odd. Again, I'm not worried about this one.

2) Waking from my ScreenSaver doesn't work. The system seems to lock up and I don't know why. Right now I have the saver set to the highest number (to make sure it doesn't affect me) and I mostly sleep via closing the lid anyway. I know it's not resources since I am only running 3 apps - Safari with about 4 tabs open - iTunes - and maybe Twitter. Anybody seen this happen or have any idea what could be happening. I don't get lock-ups anywhere else and the weird thing is that sometimes I can get out the screensaver and sometimes I have to re-boot.

Any advice would be appreciated.