View Full Version : Search No Longer Active

Aug 5, 2012, 09:55 AM
In finder or spotlight I can no longer search for anything on my external drive. I've repaired it, repaired permissions, added/removed it from spotlight privacy to reindex, etc. and yet I still get nothing.

What could be the issue here? The drive is in good working order. I recently updated my OS to Mountain Lion.

Is there a way to reset something that I don't know about?


Hmm it seems search is working, however if I'm searching for a file from a DSLR like MVI_4457.mov and I search MVI .mov (choosing "filename contains" like I would in Lion) I don't get any results. Furthermore, searching simply MVI which is apart of the file names returns nothing while MVI_ shows all the files.

This is very odd. It seems search is working very differently then Lion. Does anybody know what I could change perhaps to get this working the old way? How do I search for pieces of a filename and the extension at the same time?