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Aug 6, 2012, 04:53 AM
123 KIDS FUN GAMES - AVAILABLE ON APPSTORE - FULL VERSION DOWNLOAD (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/123-kids-fun-games/id407781177?mt=8)



Learn Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Shapes, Sounds and Words. Have fun with awesome Educational Games. Play music and enjoy simple, colourful activities!

So, what will you find there? There are educational and funny activities in this application.

Alphabet - LEARN & PLAY!

* Learn the alphabet - 26 different letters with a sound, pronunciation and an interactive activity for each of them.
* Play Educational Games with the letters (2 games to choose).

<b>Numbers - LEARN & PLAY! </b>

NEW graphic design!

* Learn how to count numbers with a sound, pronunciation, and funny animations.
* Play Educational Games with the numbers.


Sounds and Words - LEARN & PLAY!

* Learn pictures, sounds, animations of popular words that every child should know.
* Play Educational Game with the sounds and words (2 options to play).

Shapes - LEARN & PLAY

* Learn shapes
* Play shape game!


Animals - LEARN & PLAY!

* Play a simple game (put the picture of an animal in order and listen to its voice).
* Learn how to write animals names.

Music – PLAY!

* Try our drums, piano and xylophone!

Hit Balloons - PLAY!

* Play a simple game where you have to hit all the balloons.


In addition, you will find the photo section. It allows one to take a photo of Daddy, Mommy and your Child (Children) to create a simple album of the application’s "owners" :)

This App is designed both for iPhone and iPad. It has Personal Scoreboard and Game Center is available.

NEW: Play games and collect stickers!

123 KIDS FUN GAMES FREE - AVAILABLE ON APPSTORE - InApp VERSION DOWNLOAD - CLICK HERE (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/123-kids-fun-games-hd-free/id438937156?mt=8)