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Aug 7, 2012, 07:48 PM
Hello Macrumors,

I have had an ipad 2 since christmas but really haven't used it much. I am starting to use it more and was just wondering what are some must have "cool" apps i could put on it.


Aug 7, 2012, 07:58 PM
Tweetbot if you use twitter
Iris if you use Instagram

Aug 7, 2012, 08:27 PM
I couldn't be without Zite and Flipboard linked with the app Pocket to view articles and videos later. If you want apps to "show off" your iPad to friends and family members I would suggest soundhound and Garageband. The best part is all of those apps, besides Garageband, are free.

Aug 8, 2012, 01:52 AM
If you're a gamer, you can download my CSS tribute app, it's always fun x)
and SoundReaktor is a fun music app, there's so much to download.
My favorite free apps are google Chrome, Flipboard & some games. But it all depends if you're into gaming or not.