View Full Version : iPod Touch 2nd Gen - No Volume Bar!

Aug 8, 2012, 04:03 PM
Hey guys,

I have a iPod Touch (2nd Gen) running iOS Version 4.2.1.

I've had this for many years but a problem occurred about 2 days ago.

Whenever I plug in my headphones, I have the volume bar.

Without headphones, I don't have the volume bar and no sound comes out of the speaker. I believe it thinks it is still in headphones mode when it's not.

I reset the iPod Touch, cleaned the charge port and headphone jack and still no dice! I even read that if you have a dock for it, that might've caused the problem. I do have a dock to listen music (iHome). I read online that you could plug it back in, play a song, and unplug the iPod out and it should work again. I tried that many times but still nothing! :/

Please help guys. I'm kinda desperate :/ really want my iPod to play sounds through the speaker again.


Aug 9, 2012, 09:46 AM
Do a backup then a full restore (erase/restore) without restoring your backup yet. Add a song or two and test it out. If you're still having the same problem, it's not software, it's hardware. If that fixed it, restore your backup and enjoy your music.