View Full Version : Lion is back (for developers)

Aug 9, 2012, 04:06 AM
It has been said before that after the public release of Mountain Lion, Lion disappeared from the MAS.

The Mac dev center also changed. There used to be a tab for Lion and another one for Mountain Lion, but then we could only get Mountain Lion.

Well now we can get Lion again which I am pleased about because I'm dual booting Mountain Lion and Lion.

I have installation usb's so it's not such a problem for me. But if I didn't make those usb installers it could have been a problem.

I hope Apple continue to support Lion for a while longer. Some peripheral devices still don't have drivers for Mountain Lion (which is why I choose to still dual boot).

So the fact that Lion is back in the Mac dev center is a step in the right direction - but it really should also be put back onto the MAS too.