View Full Version : Where is Mobile account network home folder?

Aug 13, 2012, 01:12 AM

In ML server:
1- In File Sharing, I've add a Folder "Zusers" and activated "make available for home directories over AFP"
2- I added a new user "Joanna" and set her home folder to "Zusers"
3- After pushing "Done" button, /Zusers/joanna Created automatically including Joanna home subfolders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, ....
4- In work Group manager, I've activated "Mobility" for Joanna
5- I double checked joanna home folder in Work group manager > Accounts > home and it is : "afp://my server.com/Zusers"

6- In client machine I've logged in with Joanna network Account, new Mobile user created and I saw "server Greeting Message" as well

Here is the problem:
Now I Believe when I copy files to the joanna desktop it should be in /Zusers/joanna/desktop as well, but there is nothing.

So do I missing sth or where is her network home folder?

Thank you for your help