View Full Version : Movie + Subtitle Help

Aug 5, 2005, 09:48 PM
Okay i've got this movie, in .avi format, and the subtitle for the movie in .srt format.I'm only doing this for once i mean only one movie so i'm not planning to spend any cash at all to get a software for this.i was hoping if there's any program that is free.I've Quicktime Pro.I was hoping i can find a player that will play the movie with the subtitles in it.I know how it can be done on a Windows system, but on the Mac side, i'm completely lost, so i really need some help.And, how can i create a video-cd or vcd so that i can play the movie on a regular vcd player with the subtitles on it as well.I've got Toast.Anyone knows how this can be done?I really need this...thankz in advance...