View Full Version : Storyboard and custom root

Aug 15, 2012, 10:53 AM
I have a project that was authored prior to storyboards release, and I would like to implement storyboard for the purposes of visual documentation.

The biggest problem I'm facing is the rootViewController. My iPad App starts with a custom UIViewController that has two UIViewControllers as properties. This is because the projects uses a custom layout that looks like a split view controller, but with a bit more power i.e. the Master and Detail View controllers dimensions are changed in situ at the touch of a button in a way that Apple's UISplitViewController doesn't.

Having two view controllers as properties of a view controller is a bit of a painful starting point. My starting point on the storyboard is a UIViewController object that has two blank objects (little orange blocks) sitting at the base of it (that I assign as master and detail).

How can you generate a flow from that starting point? Does anyone know of a better way to start the storyboard? Or a better way to generate a custom split view controller?