View Full Version : Toggling Airport causes Computer to Freeze!

Aug 20, 2012, 10:42 PM
(Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in, i'm new to the site)

Today I joined a new network being that it was free offered by my complex. I noticed that my computer would pretty much lock up when turning on my airport. Everything works fine when the system boots up and it automatically chooses the network but I frequently turn off my airport when I am not using my internet for various reasons. When I go to turn the airport back on I experience this issue! I am on a 802.11n with a ruckus flexzone access point to route the packets. I am running a late 2009 macbook white unibody model # a1342 with os x 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. I tried running a top command to see if it was possibly hanging on a process but didn't catch one. I then followed up with a opensnoop command and found the was occurring around the path "/library/preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist" and "/library/preferences/SystemConfiguration/networkinterfaces.plist" in the opensnoop trace the plist file name was "/library/preferences/SystemConfiguration/VirtualNetworkInterfaces.plist" but that doesnt seem to exist, so I assumed it was actually the first one. otherwise I installed some ram yesterday and upgraded from 2 gb to 8 gb. I don't think this is the issue but won't rule it out only because the computer ran awfully smooth last night for about 6 hours on a different network after installation. Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, or suggestions offered for anybody it will greatly be appreciated!