View Full Version : Some tracks won't drag to ipod shuffle

Aug 31, 2012, 10:11 AM
I downloaded some audio books cds to itunes and when I dragged the playlists manually to my ipod shuffle, the folder was empty. I realized that they were saved as .wav. So I converted them to mpeg. Still didn't work. I tried aac files.
As I test, I dragged other tracks that I have in itunes and they appeared in my ipod shuffle.
I checked the info on files that worked and files that didn't. Some of the ones that worked were aac files some mpegs.
I don't know what is different.
I know that I did 3 books on cd yesterday and none of them worked no matter how I saved them. Does anyone have a clue?



The same tracks that I couldn't drag to my ipod shuffle synced fine to my ipod classic and I can play them