View Full Version : utility to compare Last Modified dates of HD and back-up?

Sep 15, 2012, 09:07 PM
My old computer died a few months after my last back-up. I've since bought a new rMBP and I've been able to access my old HD via FireWire target mode, but a few of the files on the old HD were corrupted.

Since 95 percent of my files likely weren't modified since the last back-up, the best thing seems to be to restore from the back-up (since none of those files are corrupted) and then recover/move only the files that were modified (or added) on or after the date of the last back-up. (The goal, obviously, is to have the fewest possible corrupted files -- preferably none.)

However, going file by file would take forever. Is there a utility that compares/lists the Last Modified dates of the files on a HD vs. those of a back-up (and/or lists files missing from one HD vs. another)? Or should I simply use the Advanced Search feature in the Finder, which seems like it would do the trick but, unfortunately, doesn't list files folder by folder? Thanks for all feedback.