View Full Version : EU looking at new Microsoft antitrust case

Nov 16, 2002, 07:41 PM
The European Commission is considering a new antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. based on the suspicion that the software giant is trying to leverage its dominance of PC operating systems into the market for mobile phone software, according to people familiar with the regulator's activities.

Commission spokeswoman Amelia Torres denied that companies in the mobile phone market have complained to the Brussels-based competition authority. "I am not aware of any complaints," she said. But she declined to comment on the possibility that the European Commission might open a new investigation on its own initiative.

The EU competition regulator is concerned that Microsoft might take over the market for mobile phone software, according to a senior adviser to the European Commission. "Mobile phones are a very important market in Europe. The Commission is worried that Microsoft might take advantage of the strength of Windows in order to dominate in mobile phones," he said.