View Full Version : [phones] The Samsung SC-05D Galaxy Note (Almost Two)

Sep 21, 2012, 05:33 PM
I'm mostly interested in photography these days so I'm looking at this with that in mind.


Yeah, that's my hand. :-)

OK, ok, so it's a cell-phone. It's still a viable 8.1mpx camera option up to the task of taking on most bridge and compact cameras. And of course it's a dual 1.5Ghz CPU tablet computer and a cell-phone to boot. :)

Here's a video of a friend I recorded on mine to see what the quality was like - low light, DWR (Drunk While Recording), IBIS turned on:

A drunkard's demo of video on the Samsung SC-05D Galaxy Note - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2VuA2Hi8y8)

Of course youtube re-compressed it and killed some of the detail but not as much as I suspected it might actually. It recorded this in 125mb of space, then created a youtube account, and then uploaded the video in about 8min. The WiFi on this thing screams BTW.


And since that's a screen capture I believe it's a representation of the actual screen size in pixels at 800x1280. :) Just imagine that image at a density of a 5.3" "Super AMOLED" display you get the basic idea that images on this thing are suuuuuper detailed with perfectly black blacks and rich saturation levels!

Following are some shots taken with it as well as a few 100% crops. I'm kinda shocked at how good these little phone-things have gotten recently. This one anyway is about the same as most bridge or compact cameras. :cry:

Mine overexposes everything by 1.5 to 2 stops but I found out (too late for the below images) that it has an AE/AF Lock (per shot) function built in so I guess I can guestimate a compensation by using that feature. So all of the images below were reduced in exposure level from between 1.5 and 2.0 in ACR. At the same time the Fill Light slider had to be increased to somewhere between 40 and 80 to make up for the blacks squashing out on me. On a couple of them I wasn't very careful and I ended up getting an HDR Tone-mapped looking result. :p


1/300s, f/2.7, ISO 32, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D


1/50s, f/2.7, ISO 100, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D



1/640s, f/2.7, ISO 32, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D


1/50s, f/2.7, ISO 40, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D



1/100s, f/2.7, ISO 50, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D


1/470s, f/2.7, ISO 32, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D



1/370s, f/2.7, ISO 32, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D


1/710s, f/2.7, ISO 32, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D



1/480s, f/2.7, ISO 32, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D


1/35s, f/2.7, ISO 64, 3.97mm, Samsung SC-05D

I guess it's always f/2.7 and 3.97mm??? It has a zoom function but I kinda think it's a digital zoom and wouldn't be very good. I'll have to try later and see how that does. Maybe when it zooms the F-number will change thereby indicating an optical zoom? I'm not really sure at this point what it's got or how it all works out. :)