View Full Version : Having an application in the system pref menu open automatically on startup?

Sep 23, 2012, 12:23 PM
Hi guys, curious issue here.

I'm using a MS Mobile Mouse 4000 (which has been a great mouse!) on my MBPr. It works great in combination with better touch tool, except the acceleration is all sorts of jacked up when I first boot up my laptop.

I've found that using Microsoft's default driver allows me to correct the acceleration to my liking, and while it retains the settings I have to manually open the Microsoft Mouse system preference icon in order for the settings to take hold.

Basically, every time I boot up my laptop I need to go into system preferences and open up the Microsoft Mouse icon for my settings to work.

Is there a way to automate this in some capacity? It's a little bit annoying.

I know some of you are apple script gurus -- perhaps this can be scripted? On start up, check for USB dongle -> open sys pref -> open MS mouse -> close all?

Or maybe there is a driver that is started when I go into the Microsoft Mouse icon that I can just somehow tell the OS to load on start up?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you for your time guys :)