View Full Version : Maaaaajor Gmail issue - repopulating, now loading 60,000 messages LOL

Sep 23, 2012, 04:47 PM
UM… well…. for 2 days I've been messing around with iCloud setup, new iPhone, etc. Been on the phone with AppleCare, etc for some odd problems. During one of the calls, I noticed 'notifications' telling me I am getting piles of email. Later I find doubles in this one gmail account. I tried deleting them but they came right back and nothing would go into my trash.

I deleted the account and added it back. Now gmail server is populating the mail. I have no idea why nothing ever deleted off the gmail server but I'm going to get 60,000 emails dumped into this account.

My mail settings show 'move deleted messages to trash' so IDK why this is all happening. I do not have iCloud email on.

Does anyone know of any 'duplicate finder' for mail? Or any good way to clean this up vs. a day of work?


Every message I delete pops right back in. Any help would be appreciated. I've not had such a problem in over a decade and have no clue why prompted this! OMG