View Full Version : Mac Server 10.5.6 IP setup/connect over internet

Sep 26, 2012, 09:49 AM
Hi, I'm trying to set up a mac server 10.6.5. I know its a bit old but I got the installing DVD for free and have limited money to spend on the server.

I have succesfuly set up the server and it works fine. The only problem is that I can't connect to it over the internet. If I can't access it over the internet the point of the server would be useless since it is not in my home. So at the moment I can't access it. I have tried to connect to the server through Finder/Go/Connect to Server (Command+K). I have tried the IP that I got from www.ipchicken.com. I have also tried the IP I got from /system preferences/Network and the IP there. I can connect to the server when I'm connected to the same network as the server but I don't know how to make it public to the internet. I don't know very much about networking so any help would be appreciated. If people need more info about the server to help me just ask, as I've said I don't know so much and therefor don't know what info people need.