View Full Version : Best combo of phone & plan for the money

Oct 7, 2012, 03:20 PM
For two phones and a plan what would you say is the best combo for the money that isn't contract-based?

Right now I'm really looking at buying 2 Galaxy Nexus's + either the T-Mobile Value plan or Pre-Paid plans (what's the main difference, if you would lay it out for me?).

2 Galaxy Nexus
T-Mobile Value Plan + 1000 Minutes + Unlimited Text + 2GB Data (At normal speeds)

2 Galaxy Nexus
T-Mobile Prepaid Plan + 100 Minutes (would use Google Voice) + Unlimited Text + 5GB Data (At normal speeds)

Which would you guys do? Do you have better combos? The reason I am not factoring in the cost of the Galaxy Nexus's is because we'll be selling our iPhone's to buy them (they're Sprint, and getting them unlocked would be too much of a hassle...we don't have to worry about any ETFs since someone else is paying them.)