View Full Version : From a Motorola Triumph to a IPhone 4s

Oct 16, 2012, 10:19 PM
About two weeks ago I finally replaced my Motorola triumph with a brand new shiny Iphone 4s. Im really liking the Iphone but here are my opinions after have owning both devices.

Motorola Triumph


-The body of this phone is indestructible. I've dropped it countless times and it hasn't even come close to breaking it yet.

-I absolutely love how customizable android is , I feel like my phone is more like my laptop

-I liked the ability to flash and experiment with new ROMS.

-Nice big 4 inch screen


-The battery life on the triumph was unbearably bad , I found myself at 10 or 20 percent by the end of each day with very light usage

-Although the phone was durable it felt very cheap and poorly built.

-Although android is very customizable it was very laggy and most of the apps in the play store were not made very well.

-The touch screen was very unresponsive and required several taps to finally register a touch sometimes.

-The 3g was extremely slow , so slow to the point that I stopped using internet on my phone entirely



-The build quality on the 4s is absolutely amazing , it feels like a quality device.

-I have yet to experience and lag on ios and everything feels fluid and responsive to my touch.

-The app store had a very good selection to choose from. But most importantly the apps are well made and they don't ever "Force Close"

-The 3g is very fast on verizons network.It's definatley fast enough for me.

-The screen on this phone is absolutely gorgeous , Im really loving that retina display

-In general all of the hardware on the 4s is amazing and the os is very smooth,simple and lag free


-Sometimes I feel like the screen is a little too small , like when playing games or watching videos

-Although it is a beautiful and well made device the phone is extremely fragile and easy to crack

- I hate how closed ios is , I've only had it for 2 weeks and im already bored with ios. Im definatley jail breaking it as soon as it comes out.