View Full Version : Note 2, will it work as add on device to Att mobile share?

Nov 8, 2012, 09:01 AM
I'm all over the place on deciding what I want. I have a Win8 pro as my "full" tablet/laptop, but lately am getting antsy for a small tablet I can shove into my pocket and still be able to pick up my 7 month old baby. I also prefer smaller phones so would prefer to stay with my iphone or even consider something smaller.

Initially I was considering the nexus 7, but from using my Win8 tablet found that having a Stylus and digitizer is pretty amazing. I'm seriously considering grabbing a note 2 under contract and swapping out my current $10 mobileshare from my iPad to the Note. I would primarily use the note as a tablet and not as a phone so all I would need is to share data on it. So I could pocket BOTH my iphone AND my tablet.

Can I swap my mobileshare SIM freely like this? Some days I might use my main number sim in my iphone, other days in the note. Other days I would use the mobileshare SIM in the note or in my Win8 full tablet.