View Full Version : 2010 11" mba trackpad fixed by apple- free

Nov 10, 2012, 10:43 AM
my 2010 11" mba's trackpad started to not click... taps were sensed but it wouldn't click consistently. i prefer a physical/audible click rather than to touch/tap my clicks.

in any case, i was well out of the 1 year warranty but figured i wanted it fixed.

made a genius bar appt -- the guy said a new trackpad and installation would be about $95. fine since i love my 2010 11" mba and it seemed reasonable ($40 part + labor).

but he said if they could potentially just tighten a screw they would do that. so i get a call 8am the next morning, (i had dropped it off 4pm sunday) to say i could pick it up, fixed, no charge!

love apple service...