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Cox Orange
Nov 18, 2012, 07:17 AM

I was really surprised reading this, this morning on the website of one of our TV stations.
While I always wonder, why sites, that want your money (or are profit oriented) do not just use html5 for the sake of compatibility or provide h.264 files (because it should be their interest to get as many customers as possible), I am really surprised, that a non-profit organisation like the state TV first of all gives a detailed information, showing they know the details of the problem (other sites just give a message "flash 10.2 not supported", if any and if you write to them, why they even make it more complicated and use microsoft silverlight - eurosport does -, which is even more incompatible, though they provide an incompatible "compatible" Mac version, and why not just use html5 or produce file formats that even youtube uses under the hood - h.264 - they give you an answer that shows they have no clue).
And while ARD (the TV station) is allready giving a nice detailed answer, for everyone easy to read, they top it with saying, that they are trying to solve the problem. This is from an organisation that has not to fight for customers and be financially successful. Well, I do not know, if it is just saying "we will see" or if it reads "we will really have a look into it".

Though this is actually nothing worth starting a thread, but I find this so nice of them, that they even care to inform and explain it to the PowerPC-Users. Also it gives hope, that the web-video future for PPCs is not that dark as we see it now.

"Wir bedauern sehr, dass der neue Player, aufgrund der verwendeten Komponenten bei Flash-Streams auf Flash 10.2 angewiesen ist und hoffen, dass so schnell wie möglich die entstandene Lücke durch die HTML5-Formate wieder geschlossen wird. Derzeit können Sie leider nur HTML5-Streams (wie z.B. Podcasts) auf Ihrem Gerät abspielen.
Nachdem Apple mit Leopard am 5. August 2009 und Adobe mit Flash 10.1 die Unterstützung für den PowerPC (G4, G5) eingestellt haben, werden wir prüfen, ob eine Unterstützung von älteren Flash-Versionen für den neuen Player noch umgesetzt wird."
source: http://www.ardmediathek.de/br-alpha/ich-mach-s-br-alpha?documentId=12426478

"We are sorry the new player is dependant on flash 10.2 for flash streams, because of the used components. We hope, we can close this gap with html5 as soon as possible. At the moment, you can only watch html5-streams (i.e. Podcasts) on your device.
After Apple (along Leopard on August, 5th. 2009) and Adobe at Flash 10.1 have dropped support for the PowerPC (G4, G5), we will check, if support for older flash versions can be implemented for the (our) new player"

Nov 18, 2012, 08:10 AM
this is actually nice of them. even if nothing comes out of it, they at least consider. ;)