View Full Version : [iPad] What is the best case without a cover for iPad 4?

Nov 25, 2012, 09:30 PM
I have been looking all over the place. I used Targus Protective TPU Skin (http://www.targus.com/us/productdetail.aspx?regionId=7&sku=THZ046US&PageName=for%20Mac%20Cases%20&%20Accessories%20by%20Targus%20USA&productCategoryId=-1&bucketTypeId=194&searchedTerms=&navlevel1=products&cp=&bannertxt=for%20Mac%20Cases%20%26%20Accessories) all the while, it is really good. However, I felt that it is thick now and would to find something similar but thinner one.

Anyone has any good idea?